quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2009

Doll album ( album de bonequinha)

This is an album to Luiza, I did this one together with the other to rafael, for the same reason as the one before, I did it! in my family now a lots of new babies!!! and I created something special to Luiza to her mother keep the nice memories! its a shame because today people just keep the photos in the computer, I hope this gift to Luiza helps to keep the memories in a traditional way as everybody used to do before! not just in virtual album, come on people lets be memorie keepers!

Rafael s photo album

I hope you all love it !!!!

Hi there!! well I ve designed this photo album to rafael , the baby of one my cousins, i had been in the city I was born last weeks and I thought to creat a speacial thing to him, it was easy and fun to do it, I hope you all like it!